Things to Do
at Snug Harbor and Around the Delta

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 From our shores you can view wildlife if you get up early enough, and depending on the time of the year.  A Snug Cove neighbor took this photo of a family of river otters sunning on his dock in Feb 2009.  Critter photos


Pictured in the photo gallery are things to do around Snug Harbor and the delta, if you brought the right water toys with you!  If you don't have a boat, that is OK.  You can fish off the docks, borrow a paddle boat or canoe that are sometimes available if you get to know locals, use our bache' ball, croquet or horseshoes sets, or play ping pong on our new patio off the new office building.  We also have a few loan-out life jackets for children and adults, but its always best to bring your own that fit your family needs!

Bring your own water toys, like floats and tubes because we do not sell or loan out these types of items.  We also have WIFI in most areas of the resort, for those of you who have to stay connected to the world, and limited TV channels out of the Sacramento area.  The new office will have a largish screen TV with satellite so that if there is a "big game" people can't see on the normal channels, it will be available at the office, subject to office open hours.  We are looking into also using an outdoor projector for summer evening movies since some of us miss the days of drive in theaters!  Movies will be the oldies but goodies most likely.  See our calendar of events for specific times and dates.

If you want to rent PWC or boats, go to the "rentals" page for information on local places.


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Things to Do at Snug Harbor and around the Delta