Snug Harbor
Welcome to SNUG HARBOR in the amazing California Delta region!

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added February 2021

Snuggle Inn Cottages from the air and from the water views  
RV sites from the air and water views  
Summers at Snug Harbor and in the North Delta region  
January 2019-Birds eye view in summer (drone compilation) Winter in the Delta video
added March 2019-Looking for fun for families? see video  of summer 2018 and earlier photos
  see video  summer 2018 views
Bay Area Backroads, California Gold and other travel shows have been here.  See example of one show that posted on Youtube:
TV travel show featuring the Delta

Travel directions to Ryer Island and Snug Harbor
Slide show with music-winter views SLIDE SHOW winter in the Delta
Snuggle Inn # 1, 2, 3 or 4 walk-throughs SI 1       SI 2        SI 3        SI 4
California Delta - Snug Harbor *Over 14,000 views on Youtube by July 2013! see video  made in 2009
Steamboat Slough and Sacramento River 1850 travel (uploaded 11/21/2011) video or slideshow & PDF 
General information about the Delta -Over 4,000 views...but the links keep being changed by Youtube.  from 2009 Delta video
We also put a video on Youtube at which you can see HERE or you can go to Youtube and this video is under the title "Snug Harbor on Steamboat Slough" at
You can look it up on YouTube by typing in "Sacramento Delta 101" or "Don't Drain the Delta".  Then look at the updates below:
Fishing Photos - slide show ***updated
Steamboat Slough Fishing (2013 update slideshow)

Fish Slide Show  ...Slideshow of some good catches at Snug Harbor over the years 2006 to 2009
July 2013 new videos about what is going on regarding the plans to build new water conveyance facilities to take MORE  Sacramento River water and export it to other areas of the state
NSS summarizes impacts to North Delta using maps: 

NDWA's Melinda summarizes impacts to North Delta using her great 17-page summary of the 20,000 page BDCP draft:

NSS presents poster to ND showing the projects underway NORTH OF THE DELTA: intakesupdate2013.pdf  open this pdf then go to the video:

CalFED Name Game update video...they keep changing the names but it is all the same project!:


If you like to view wildlife, go to our Delta wildlife photos

Beaver going by Snug Harbor docks

Snuggle Inn #1 Slide Show  Snuggle Inn #1 video 2009
Snuggle Inn #2 -slide show Snuggle Inn #2 video 2009
Snuggle Inn #3 - Updated 2/23/2012 View of Snuggle Inns from the water April 2009
  Snuggle Inn #10 video July 2009
Snuggle Inn Lofts-slide show Morning on Steamboat Slough, water view
RV & Park Photos-slide show More morning videos
Fishing Photos - slide show Beaver going by Snug Harbor docks

Loft units-Snuggle Inn #9



RV area and docks
RV park amenities

Marina videos
Gas Dock

Getting to Snug Harbor from..
Courtland and the bridge onto Ryer Island
Rio Vista via Real McCoy Ferry
Walnut Grove via J-Mac Ferry
To do in the delta-slide show
How to catch a fish