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Exhibit Identification Index  (SHR-501) for Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC
                       California WaterFix Hearing  Updated  12-7-16  (4 pages)
*Hearing parts:  1A, 1B or "-" means will not be used in part 1A or 1B
Exhibit # Description, used for
SHR-101 Powerpoint used in Part 1 hearing:  Overview of Waterfix
SHR-102 Powerpoint used in Part 1 hearing: Tunnel/Engineering
SHR-103 Powerpoint used in Part 1 hearing:  Operations-Impacts
SHR-104 Powerpoint used in Part 1 hearing:  Modeling
SHR-105 Policy statement on behalf of Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC
SHR-106 Powerpoint of SHR and North Delta photos
SHR-107 Opening statement for Case in Chief
SHR-108 Case in Chief for Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC
SHR-109 Statement of qualifications witness Nicole S. Suard
SHR-110 Copy of Protest form filed
SHR-2 SHR History and photo summary & "Best Small Park 2001", and 
video permits.  Delta Recreation maps
SHR-5 1960 DWR Water Bulletin No. 76 "Delta Water Facilities"
SHR-6 1908 description of flows on SS and Sac in dry year-highlighted
SHR-6f 1908 Full Description to accompany Survey of the Sacramento River
  submitted to US House of Representatives:  Letter from the Secretary of
  War. Plus maps
SHR-6-1 1908 Survey showing lower Steamboat Slough
SHR-6-2 1908 Survey showing lower Steamboat Slough
SHR-6-3 1908 Survey showing upper section of Steamboat Slough
SHR-6-4 1908 Survey showing area of Walnut Gove
SHR-6-5 1908 Survey showing area of Courtland
SHR-6-6 1908 Survey showing area of Clarksburg
SHR-6-7 1908 Survey showing area of Isleton
SHR-7 2013 Water Portfolio Inflow Outflow Delta (screen print) larger size
SHR-7large SHR-7 detail includes pie charts showing graphically the unaccounted
SHR-7poster for flow data
SHR-9 2010 Historical Fresh Water and Salinity Conditions in the Westerm
  Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and Suisun Bay
SHR- Graph showing history of diversions, exports and storage from page 5
9 page 5 of SHR-9  (Page 19 in doc)
SHR-9b Conclusion statement of SHR-9
SHR-10 1935 Soils Map of the Sacramento San Joaquin Delta Area, Henry G.
  Knight, Chief, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, Bureau of Chemistry and Soils
SHR-11 Data gaps:  study on CDEC missing data by N. Suard 4-8-2014
SHR-13 Data gaps:  study on CDEC accuracy poster format and flow chart from
13large CDEC screen prints
SHR-16 Resolution No 68-16 SWRCB Statement of Policy with Resprct to
  Maintaining High Quality of Waters in California
SHR-17 Map of Delta area water rights (screenprint from Waterboards site)
SHR-18 1911 Map of Drinking Water wells in the upper Central Valley
SHR-18 USGS survey of Water Supply, Plate 5
SHR-20 Slide set of water quality issues in the North Delta with photos by NSS
SHR-21 Slides for arsenic in groundwater questions-modeling
SHR-22 Drinking water and salinity
SHR-23 Chart of minimum flows with Tunnels operating: Information not
  provided by DWR
SHR-23b Information on flow data gaps for march 2014, sent to USACE
SHR-24 Graphic of aquifer recharge (screen print from BDCP docs)
SHR-25 2004 Public Health Goals for Chemicals in Drinking Water:  Arsenic
SHR-26 USGS Analysis on the Occurrence of Arsenic in Groudwater 2000
SHR-27 SWRCB, Division of Water Quality Gama program: Arsenic
SHR-28 2005 Delta Region Drinking Water Quality Management Plan
SHR-29 Anti-degredation policy
SHR-29h Anti-degredation policy, highlighted text
SHR-31 Screen print, current SWRCB flow requirements-SWRCB Resolution
  No. 2010-0039
SHR-31f SWRCB full document, pages 2, 38-map, 112, 113
SHR-32 Over-allocation of flows from the Sacramento River-screen print
SHR-33 "100 Years of California's Water Rights System: Patterns, trends and
  uncertainty."  Theodore E. Grantham and Joshua H Viers, Center for
  Watershed Sciences, University of California, Davis  Page 6
SHR-34 2005 USGS Study of Arsenic in drinking water in the Central Valley, P 27
SHR-34f Full 2005 USGS Study
SHR-35 2011 USGS Study of Arsenic in drinking water in the Central Valle, P 38
SHR-35f Full 2011 USGS Study
SHR-39e DSM2 hydrology and bathymetry data timeline
  and with addition of missing subsurface flow diversion structures
SHR-39wf WF map of DSM2 grid
SHR-39wf2 WF map of DSM2 with elevation and bathymetry updated 2016
SHR-40 Bathymetry development presentation slides by Aron Blake, USGS
SHR-40f "Garbage in, garbage out" 2007
SHR-41 Links to barriers planning-pdf of webpage at timeline
SHR-42 Map of Bench Studies on Steamboat Slough under BDCP/CalFed
SHR-43 2016 DSM2 Bathymetry update slide
SHR-50 Tidal and River Datums in the Sacramento River (map)
SHR-63 USBR 2008 Delta Passage Model Map
SHR-64 Appendix 9J-Full document Delta Passage Model
SHR-65 USBR Delta Passage Model flow and acres chart
SHR-66 Yolo Bypass Salmonid Habitat Restoration Implementation Plan 1,21,45
SHR-67 Salmon extinction chart by USBR-NOAA
SHR-67b Salmon extinction chart by USBR-NOAA
SHR-68 2500 cfs Red Bluff Diversion news article
SHR-69 "What caused the Sacramento River fall Chinook stock collapse?" 2009
SHR-75 Timeline and history of uses of property at Snug Harbor
SHR-76 Statement of Permits and water rights & use
SHR-77 Graph of drinking water quality decline-SHR example
SHR-78 Steamboat Slough History
SHR-79 Ryer Island statement of points of diversion-riparian
SHR-80 CALFED timeline & Water Exports
SHR-81 Location in NorCal-map
SHR-82 Well and water quality data for SHR (example of incorrect SWRCB data
SHR-83 Screen print of GeoTrackerGama map of Public Water Systems in Bay
  and Delta area
SHR-84 Bottleneck on Steamboat Slough and channel benck impacts
SHR-200 1908 Survey of the Sacramento River (Including Steamboat Slough)
  Hogsback Shoals section
SHR-203 List of links for History of Steamboat Slough and salmon migration
SHR-204 Travel to Sacramento via Delta Waterways:  Steamboat Slough focus
SHR-205 Hall irrigation map of the Delta
SHR-206a 1982 Geologic Maps of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta by Brian F
  Atwater "Courtland"  (Upper Steamboat, Sutter Slough)
SHR-206b  1982 Geologic Maps of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta by Brian F.
  Atwater "Isleton" (Steamboat Slough by Snug Harbor) Notations added
SHR-206c 1982 Geologic Maps of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta by Brian F.
  Atwater "Rio Vista" (Steamboat Slough and Sacramento River Confluence
SHR-208 Scanned pages from 2935 "Paddle Wheel Days in California" by Jerry
SHR-209 1873 Board of Commissioners on Irrigation, Map of the San Joaquin,
  Sacramento and Tulare Valleys
SHR-210 1895 Steamboat Slough map showing Hogsback and "Chraleston"
  Island (portion of map, locates shipwreck of the Charleston)
SHR-211 1945 Central Valley Basin Water Resources Development-USBR
SHR-212 Excerpts:  1862 view of Steamboat Slough and Sacramento River by
SHR-212a James M. Hutchings, and enlargement of one graphic from the book
SHR-213 Excerpts regarding travel on Steamboat Slough in the 1850s to 1900 by
  Jerry MacMullen, "1935 Paddle Wheel Days in California" highlighted
SHR-214 1848 to 1900 Shipwrecks on Steamboat Slough of the Sacramento Delta
  Region:  Summary from 1986 State Lands Commission study of historic
  shipwrecks in the North Delta Region
SHR-215 1930 State Water Plan, Bulletin No. 25, Publications of the Division of
  Water Resources, Report to the Legislature of 1931
SHR-216 Historical Timeline and links published 2012 for reference by N. Suad
SHR-217 The Settlement Geography of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta by
  John Thompson, December 1957
SHR-218 1854 Sacramento River map, Henry Lange author (section of map)
  Full map at David
SHR-220 1923 Steamboat Captain's map of the Sacramento River Delta landings
  (section of 60" long map)
SHR-221 1850 map by Commander Ringgold showing navigation on Sacramento
  River and its forks-note the names used in 1850
SHR-222 Excerpts from James M. Hutchings 1862 book "Scenes of Wonder and
  Curiosity", reference quantity of salmon on the Sacramento River
SHR-223 1975 Bulliten No 192 "Plan for Improvement of Delta Levees" (excerpt of)
SHR-250 2014 notice of lawsuit filed related to rice growing and arsenic
SHR-251 State of California Drinking Water State Revolving Fund
SHR-252 Map of Stimulated Wells, FrackTracker
SHR-253 2014 low tide photos of impacts
SHR-254 MWD So. California's Integrated Water Resources Plan 1996, P 1,15
SHR-255 Surplus Water Graphic
SHR-256 2007 BDCP Conservation Strategy (notation for Steamboat Slough)
SHR-258 OCAP Chapter 1, 2008 Summary of Legal Rights
SHR-259 2011 CALFED Update-funding
SHR-319 Timeline of Actions Affecting Water Quality
SHR-350 DWR chart provided via email on 8-25-16, received 8-26-16
SHR-351 NSS statement of receipt of DWR chart
SHR-352 DWR chart provided via email on 8-26-16
SHR-353 not uploaded:  DWR-SHR email series regarding DWR chart
SHR-381 Critical Year comparison
SHR-385 A&E requirement and screen print
SHR-386 Water Code Part 1.5 re:  5-year reporting requirement: Delta outflows
SHR-388 A&E Delta Outflow from 8-29-16
SHR-389 Steamboat slough data gap 2016
SHR-389 errate of 389
SHR-390e Study of water missing flows:  "Where did the water go? By N. Suard
SHR-391 Mapped New Intakes affecting Delta flows (poster format) by N. Saurd
SHR-392 2007 Delta Water Quality study-CALFED Bay-Delta program
SHR-393 2005 Delta Water Quality plan-Solano (duplicate)
SHR-394 Historical diversions to 2005-screen print
SHR-395 BDCP Key Decision/Products Schedule 1-4 2010
SHR-396 BDCP-CALFED 10 year Action Plan 2006
SHR-397 CALFED Bay-Delta Program Year 8 Funding, page 4
SHR-398 USBR-Increase in exports 2010
SHR-400 2013 California Water Plan Update, screen prints review
SHR-402 2014-2015 treatment study-not uploaded?
SHR-403 1911 well map-duplicate
SHR-404 Yolo Bypass restoration map
SHR-405 2007 Bathymetry map-DWR
SHR-406 Dayflow 2014 data
SHR-500 Statement of Verification of Docments uploaded by N. Suard
SHR-501 SHR list of Exhibits
images-2016/labeled/DWR's Objections to North Delta Cares - Part 1B - CIC.PDF

images-2016/labeled/DWR's Objections To Snug Harbor Resorts, LLC - Case In Chief - Part 1B.PDF

SHR-107.pdf  ** Helps to read this to understand the exhibits used

images-2016/labeled/SHR-5.pdf  "Surplus water" only promise
images-2016/labeled/SHR-6.pdf  1906 Steamboat & Sac River flows
images-2016/labeled/shr-6f.pdf   1906 full description of flows
images-2016/labeled/shr-7.pdf   *** this information was repeatedly used in questioning of DWR witnesses and directly relates to the question of how much diversions and exports has been happening, but the Waterboard staff attorneys do not want the public to have this information or to point out DWR/USBR still have not disclosed required consistent flow data since 2005.
images-2016/labeled/SHR-9.pdf  CCWD Delta freshwater study 2010

images-2016/labeled/SHR-17.pdf  map Delta drinking water rights
images-2016/labeled/SHR-21.pdf  drinking water quality impacts
images-2016/labeled/SHR-24.pdf  aquifer recharge
images-2016/labeled/shr-26.pdf  USGS 2000 study
images-2016/labeled/SHR-27.pdf  SWRCB GAMA
images-2016/labeled/SHR-28.pdf  2005 Delta regional plan
images-2016/labeled/SHR-29.pdf  anti degredation policy
images-2016/labeled/SHR-34f.pdf  2005 USGS study
images-2016/labeled/SHR-35.pdf  2011 USGS study
images-2016/labeled/SHR-39wf.pdf  DSM2 grid

images-2016/labeled/SHR-77.pdf  drinking water decline

images-2016/labeled/SHR-102.pdf (slide 27)
images-2016/labeled/SHR-103.pdf (slides 3,4,8,16,22,24,38,40)
images-2016/labeled/shr-104.pdf (slides 4,5,26, and 27)
images-2016/labeled/SHR-107.pdf  ** Helps to read this to understand the exhibits used




images-2016/labeled/shr_389_e.pdf (slides 1, 2, 3)

images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-101.pdf images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-105.pdf
images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-102.pdf images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-108.pdf
images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-103.pdf images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-109.pdf
images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/shr-104.pdf images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-10.pdf
images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-110.pdf images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-11.pdf
images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-13.pdf images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-200.pdf
images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-13large.pdf images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-201.pdf
images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-16.pdf images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-203.pdf
images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-17.pdf images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-204.pdf
images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-18.pdf images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-205.pdf
images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-20.pdf images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-206a.pdf
images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-21.pdf images-2016/waterfixprotest/exhibits/SHR-206b.pdf

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