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Snug Harbor's Drinking Water Well & Septic Systems
updated 6/30/14  & 12/9/2014 & 12/23/2014, June 2015, May 2016, September 2016
Sept 30, and Oct 1, 2016  a CCR form and annual summary of well test reports is due, but I have not received it from FGL, so it will be posted as soon as possible the first week of October.  As far as well and water quality, there is no change from 2015 report.  Please refer to the 2015 report below until such time as the updated report can be uploaded here.   2015ccr.pdf
May 2016:  The experimental water filtration equipment installed by the waterboard engineer to address SHR water quality issues does not appear to be working.  We posted notice about the continued tests of water showing higher levels of arsenic than in previous years, and we are now shifting to looking at ways to filter the existing well water or dig a new well or some other method to resolve the issue.  Please see the notice regarding water quality and annual well reports that is posted at the office and was emailed or mailed to all leaseholders in June.  A copy will be posted here after review and submissio to waterboards.   ATTACHMENT B.pdf
June 2015:  Notice to Leaseholders that was sent out per the CCR requirements:  images-2015/wells/leaseholder-waterissuemay2015.pdf
12/9/2014:  In 1999-2000 a brand new very deep drinking water well was dug and installed at the resort with full permits and all sorts of agency oversight.  We added an "ozone treatment system" and the large storage tanks to filter out the minerals. Our drinking water has consistently complied with all state and federal standards as shown by the monthly and annual water tests.  However, the EPA made changes to what they call "safe drinking water standards" and then the states also started changing regulations on drinking water.  One of those changes is that several years ago we had to put in a chlorination system so that all of the drinking water is chlorinated, like city water.  We were told that since we were chlorinating, the ozone filtration system needed to be disconnected, so it was. Our system is managed & tested daily by staff and tested monthly by a local professional water testing company and we post reports annually on the office window and give summary reports to those who live onsite.  The day before Thanksgiving, I got the results of the latest water quality test, which indicates our well water is changing and additional filtration will be needed, most likely.  See our annual report below and the new statement dated 12/9/14 below:
We post the annual reports or other water notices on this page for at least 30 days for each posting, so please check back.
Update 12/23/14:  We received results of drinking water test from November 2014, and for some unknown reason the arsenic level has gone up in our Well #1, but not as much in Well #2.  Well #1 is the deeper and newer well (485 feet) so it is quite strange that the deeper aquifer would show an increase in minerals and temperature for that matter.  The state standard has changed from 50 parts down to 10 parts, and our wells have been in compliance.  In the last two years our well #1 has had an increase in mineral content including arsenic (a natural mineral found in the ground)  and also the temperature has increased.  I contacted Dept of Water Resources right after Thanksgiving, and just yesterday a state water engineer, got back to me.  He said that the "new state regulations regarding arsenic is based on a person drinking two liters per day for 70 years strait and then there may be a health risk from the minerals like arsenic".  In any case, since the state limit is "10" and our well average for the last 2 years is now over that level, because the well test increased to 17 in November, we will now have to put in an additional major water treatment system, after going through all the permit processes now required by the state.  I'm told the permit process is from one to three years and will cost about $100,000.  If the risk is real why does the state make it so difficult to get permits, one might ask? In other states hydraulic fracking for natural gas (like what is going on in the Delta) causes an ingrease in arsenic in groundwater.  Could that already be happening in the whole Central Valley since the natural gas fracking boom started in California about 10 years ago?  See the TIMELINE of fracking California and the impacts to Delta area businesses.
     All this to say, based on all past water tests our well water has been good for drinking according to the standards of those times.  According to the new state standards, if anyone is drinking the water daily as a permanent resident for 70 years, the standard has changed and we will have to put in an added filtration system.  Somewhat interesting to note is that most of the other marinas and RV parks in the Delta have even higher levels than our well!
     So if any of our leaseholders wonder why utility costs keep going up, here's another example for you! 
By the way, the DWR water engineer said the increase in temperature of the well water and minerals may be "due to the earthquake" that happened in Napa.  However, the increase in deep water temperature was noted before the earthquake and Well #1 tests before the earthquake already indicated rising arsenic levels.  I pointed out that hydraulic fracking for natural gas is happening in the Delta and in other states, like Texas, scientists are noticing an increase of arsenic in surface and groundwater. So besides the research to find the best system to filter our water, I will also continue to research WHY the water is changing.  If it is happening to us here, it is happening to others in the Delta too, no doubt.  ( Go to to see alot of info on the impacts of horizontal fracking.  Note how the new drinking water regulations by the EPA were issued around the same time as the EPA started giving exemptions to energy exploration companies so those companies would not have to comply with the groundwater quality acts.  Specifically, the EPA allows energy exploration companies to inject toxic wastewater into "wastewater wells" that they cap off.  Supposedly those wastewater wells are built so that earthquakes won't release the wastewater and toxins into the drinking water aquifer.  So who is monitoring that?  Right now California only requires voluntary reporting so the real answer is "no one".
All this to say, if you are concerned about the minerals found in drinking water wells located next to a river, or any location where active hydraulic fracking is going on, including near Snug Harbor, you might want to use bottled water for drinking.  Here's a screen print of the state website on this issue, and below is a screen print showing local natural gas wells and our Public Statement from earlier this year:

6/30/14 posting: 2014 required reports for 2013 water system tests.
QSI Snug Harbor Resort 3-13532 revised.pdf

SEPTIC SYSTEMS:  We are also on septic systems and over time we've had to replace several of the systems.  We ask that our customers use soap and water sparingly while onsite, and never, never put feminine napkins, baby diapers or paper towels down the toilets or RV sewer holes!  You will suffer from the backup you cause as much as everyone around you so please be considerate!