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There is no question WHO wants to divert more Sacramento River water to areas south of the Delta, which will result in a huge detriment to the Bay and Delta if allowed.  In fact, to much fresh water has been diverted from the Delta for many years, so don't be fooled by the claim of salmon extinction due to the "Drought".  Instead, ask for the real numbers of how much water has been diverted from the Sacramento River in the last 10 years, how much SACRAMENTO river water has actually outflowed into the SF Bay, and how much Sacramento River water was listed as exported.  Diversion and export are two very different numbers!
The graphics below give a sampling of the attitude expressed by the big daddy of water conveyance agencies in Califonia, the Metropolitan Water District, referred to as MWD or MET in many planning documents.  Note that the flow pathway stays the same, even though the projects are labeled as "flood protection" or "restoration" or "earthquake" preparidness.  Graphic frm MWD board meeting expresses their attitude towards the importance of the Delta.  The other graphics from other agencies show the same background and attitude: