Tent Sites - Why they are available only as an add-on for family and friends with existing RV site or Snuggle Inn reservations or leases at Snug Harbor:

     Effective for reservations made after 6/12/15, tent sites can only be reserved by families who want to ADD a tent site to an existing RV site reservation.  We've made this decision because of the repeated problems we've experienced with tent camping groups bringing in to many people, pets, vehicles which were not declaired in their reservation.  In 2014, we noticed that the problems with noise or adding unscheduled guests tended to center around the tent sites.  There is an online negative review of us from an tent camper who snuck in with other members of her family and were caught, so complained that we ruined their fun and kicked out people who were not reserved, or made them pay for their stay.  (see yelpback)
     Our decision to stop accepting tent-only reservations was first made after a group Memorial Day week end kept sneaking in extra people.  So we stopped accepting new tent site reservations, but still honored ones already made.  Then our new tent policy was reinforced by a tent-camping family from Antioch (who had made their reservation before the 6/12/15 change) who caused terrible disruption in the park later in July 2015.  When we asked them to pack up and leave, 2 guys from the tent group, in their 30's, decided it was OK to cuss and scream at staff, threaten staff, and then steal staff cell phones and throw the phones in the water... and of course the two guys were arrested and had to go through the whole prosecution process.  They threw the phones in the water probably to get rid of "evidence" as staff were videoing their actions.  Apparently the 2 guys did not notice that we video most places in the park and especially at the store area!  So we caught their actions on video and audio from many different directions ...  see video. (pending upload)

     8 months later, and a huge amount of time spent by park owner to have video copies from each camera, along with interactions with the District Attorney office staff and several hearings, the 2 guys pleaded "no context", were sentenced, have to pay restitution, and have stay-away orders to protect the resort and onsite staff involved in the incident, and the 2 guys have to go to anger management classes and are on probation for 3 years. 

     All this to say, our appologies to the tent-camping families who have visited us before who can no longer make reservations.  Once we get through the whole legal process with the guys from Antioch, we may look at other ways to accept tent campers who will follow the reasonable rules, but at least for 2016 there is no way to reserve a tent site without being an add-on to an existing RV site or Snuggle Inn reservation.